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A study of knowledge, attitude and practice regarding prevention of cervical cancer among female students and staff of some professional colleges in jaipur

Authors:Sumit Ahluwalia, S. L. Bhardawaj
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2176-2179  |  PDF File


A cross sectional study was undertaken with the aim of estimating Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding prevention of cervical cancer amongst female students and staff of colleges in Jaipur . Study revealed that out of total of 668 respondents 85.6% were Hindus, 73.06% were students,22.75% were teachers and professionals and rest were housewives.42.5% belonged to upper higher class, 37.67% were upper middle group and rest were lower middle group.50.8% women knew that multiple partner is risk factor for carcinoma cervix.62.5% women thought post menopausal bleeding and foul smelling vaginal discharge were related.53.8% women knew that barrier contraceptives can reduce chances of carcinoma cervix.65.86% had knowledge about usefulness of screening .39.5% believed that age of screening to be 30 years and 70% said screening to be repeated after 3 years. Literacy status was fond to be significantly related with higher knowledge regarding prevention of cancer cervix by avoiding multiple partners and using barrier contraceptive