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Anthropometric parameters of school children with different life style in western rajasthan population

Authors:Sushma k. Kataria, Madhu Bhati, Pooja Pareek, Kushal R kataria, Abhilasha dadhich.
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 1892 - 1894.  |  PDF File


Life style introduces ‘way of life’. According to a geographical area it generally divides into two group urban and rural life style. Both type of life style and various factors affect a child’s growth. Aims & objective: The aim of present study was to find out the effect of different life style on school children through anthropometric parameters. Material and method: The present study was performed on 150 children (75 urban and 75 rural) 3 to 18 years age group. BMI, Waist circumference, Mid arm circumference, Hip circumference and Triceps & Suprailiacal skin fold thickness were measured. Results: Observation showed that all parameters are significantly related with life style.