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Potential of agricultural wastes of cotton and jawar plants for the growth of periphyton in fresh water fish culture: modern approach in providing natural food for fish

Authors:Shivaji P. Chavan, Asha Joshi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 1945 - 1950.  |  PDF File


Periphyton based aquaculture is the successful way of getting the high quantity fish production from inland fisheries. Improved rate of growth of fingerlings of Indian major carps and other culturable fish species have been observed by many workers worldwide. Substrate based aquaculture is the recent technology useful for resource-poor fishermen. keeping in view that the variety of substrate have been used in different experiments analyzed. The agricultural waste generated from the Parbhani district of Maharashtra are cotton, Jawar and Sugarcane boulders etc. are still used as either fodder for the cattle, fuel for daily cooking in rural area or to prepare the compost fertilizer for agriculture after decomposition of these waste materials. The present study deals with the study of formation of periphyton community on the agricultural wastes, the species composition, volumetric estimation/cm2 of the substrate and n/cm of various waste material used to immersed as artificial substrata to assess difference in growth of controlled and experimental set of fingerlings of Indian major carp species including Catla catla ,Labeo rohita, and Cirhina mrigala . the increased growth of 60/ is observed.the study is useful database for the improvement in aquaculture practice.