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Morphology and morphometric anatomy of the placenta

Authors:Praveen Kumar.Panugnati, Ravindra Kumar.Boddeti
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2165-2168  |  PDF File


The handy information regarding placenta morphology and morphometry is useful for the academicians and medical practitioners to interpret the various fetal and maternal data. Present study on the normal morphological features of placenta with relevant to various parameters like, Shape, Attachment of the cord, Diameter and thickness, Consistency, Weight, Foetoplacental weight ratio, Vessels in the umbilical cord, Vascular pattern. The study was taken at Placenta Morphology and morphology measured under the following heading Gross anatomical observations on the specimens’ A total number of 50 normal full term placentae with 5cms length of umbilical cord collected from the Dept. of Anatomy and OBG S V Medical College, Observed for the parameters like Shape, Consistency & Cord attachment, Thickness of placenta is measured by inserting the fine needle through and measured upto nearest millimeters, Weight measured up to nearest grams with weighing machine, Diameter of the placenta is measured by taking as average of the diameter in three various plangs with measuring tape, Feto placental weight ratios are recorded and tabulated for analysis. In conclusions In the present study it is observed that the weight of the placenta ranged between 321-534gms. The parameters observed in this study and their data concurs with the previous authors. The vide variations mentioned by the various authors is reflected in the present study.