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Peri-implantitis and lasers a review

Authors:Hemlata Garg , Vishal Garg, Jagadeesh HG, Gaurav Bedi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2303-2305  |  PDF File


The aim of this article was to review recent advances in dental implant care and to eliminate peri-implant infections and inflammation using dental lasers. Laser is acronym for light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation. Maiman invented first laser device in 1960 . Lasers have been investigated for applications in periodontal therapy including subgingival debridement and curettage, removal of granulation tissue during flap surgery, osseous recontouring as well as in implant surgery. In addition to undisturbed osseointegration and an adequate prosthetic design, implant maintenance is crucial for long term prognosis. Bacterial infection and inflammation of periimplant tissue induce bone loss and jeopardize clinical success. Various treatment modalities including mechanical debridement, antibiotics and antiseptics, laser treatment have been advocated. Lasers are an integral part of dental office out patient care and lasers have a definite part to play in maintenance of implants and management of periimplantitis. Conclusion- Nd:YAG and Ho:YAG lasers are not indicated for decontamination of implant surface . For Er:YAG and CO 2 lasers power output needs to be limited. GaAlAs lasers are safely used for decontamination of implant surface .