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Axillary arch and its relations- a rare case report

Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2277-2279  |  PDF File


Axillary arch is a variable, occasional, additional muscular slip of Lattissimus dorsi . It needs careful observation to find out because of its relations with the other structures present in the axilla. It may compress the axillary vessels and cords of brachial plexus leading to pressure symptoms. It also important during block dissection of lymph nodes, it may tear the structure related if it is ignored. In this paper, a rare case of axillary arch is reported during routine dissection of the axillary region of a 50-year old male cadaver present unilaterally on the left side. It is taking origin from both Latissimus dorsi and Teres major particularly more contribution from Teres major, and passed upwards medially anterior to the posterior cord of the brachial plexus, but posterior to the bulk of axillary neurovascular bundle. It is inserted into the root of the coracoid process. The presence of the muscle has important clinical implications, and the position, unilateral or bilateral presence, relation to the posterior cord, and multiple connective tissue attachments makes the case most unique. The anatomy, comparison of study's on axillary arch and surgical implications are discussed in this paper.