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Endoscopic sampling techniques in gastro-esophageal malignancies -a combined approach for a better diagnosis

Authors:Trupti Vyasrao Katti, Anand Ananthrao Shankar,Kajal Basavraj Punyashetty
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2224-2227  |  PDF File


Aim: To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of various endoscopic sampling techniques in diagnosis of gastroesophageal malignancies.Methods: Fifty two suspected gastro-esophageal malignancies were studied from 2005-2007. The gross appearances of the suspected lesions were noted following endoscopy, and three cytological sampling techniques were applied in all the cases along with biopsy , like brushing before and after biopsy and fine needle aspiration cytology. Cytology smears were fixed and routinely stained .Tissue obtained on biopsy was routinely processed and stained with hematoxylin and eosin.Results and Conclusion : Brush cytology revealed- sensitivity(92.3%), specificity(82%) and diagnostic accuracy(84.2%), proving better in diagnosing tumours with ulcerated surface. Endoscopic FNAC was found to have sensitivity(96%), specificity(90%) and diagnostic accuracy(98%), the efficiency of this technique was better in necrotic, stenotic and infiltrative gastro-esophageal malignancies. Biopsy showed-sensitivity(92.4%), specificity(95%) and diagnostic accuracy(96%). As various combination of the techniques increased the overall diagnostic accuracy drastically, the final diagnosis after performing such sampling methods and considering the nature of the tumour, would contribute to higher efficiency in diagnosis of gastroesophageal neoplasms.