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Antifungal potential of achillea wilhelmsii flowers methanolic extract on different strains of candida albicans

Authors:Leila Amjad *, Kobra Mousavidehmourdi, Mozhgan Saghazadeh
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2107-2110  |  PDF File


Background: Infection disease always were important worry of human and to focus ones attention extra number of owners the medical and laboratory profession. So, the aim of this study, was in vitro studing of antifungal effects of the flowers methanolic extract of Achillea wilhelmsii C. koch. Methods: In this study metanolic extracts were obtained by hydrodistillation using soxhlet appqratus for 8h, and were tested in vitro aginst 20 fungi strains. Several concentration of flower methanolic extract (50, 100, 200, 400 mg/ml) were prepared by using DMSO solvent and then antimicrobial activity was tested by using Agar well Diffusion and Dilution Test, and data were analyzed using AVONA test in the P< 0/05. Results: The results demonstrated that the flowers methanolic extract of Achillea wilhelmsii C. Koch have excelent antifungal activity, so that, flowers methanolinc extract in concentrations 200 and 400 mg/ml have more inhibitory activity against 20 Strains Candida albicans. Conclusion: The results of the present project indicate that the Achillea wilhelmsii flowers inhibited fungi growth but their effectiveness varied. Thus, the studies carried out showed that the flavonoids and phenolic compounds have also exhibited notable antifungal activity as well. Therefore we will be able perform researches with extraction of this plant effective compound for the treantment of infectious disease.