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Surgical site infections in a teaching hospital. clinio microbiolocal and epidemiological profile.

Authors: A. Ramesh , R. Dharini
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2050-2053  |  PDF File


Purpose: To identify organisms causing surgical site infection (SSI), their antibiotic profile and anociated risk factors. Methods: A total of 50 cases from general surgery unit were considered for the study. Data was collected in a structured proforma. Organisms were identified by conventional methods and associated patient risk factors were also analysed. Antibiogram was done for all culture positive samples. Results: A high rate of SSI was noted in or study ie., 66% common isolates were staphylococous aurous and Kletriella pnamonia. Underlying risk factors were diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Conclusion: The prevalence of SSI and multiding resistance is high in our hospital. Amdiorating the risk factors and practising effective infection control process and proper antibiotic cycling may curtail the rates of infection.