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Could india become the digital pathology hub of the future? – a consideration of the prospects of telepathology outsourcing.

Authors:Anil Malleshi Betigeri , Parameswaran Aparna , Palanisamy Pasupathi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2010; 1(4): 300-302  |  PDF File


Low cost, time zone differences and telecommunication advances have contributed immensely to the progress of telemedicine there by changing the fundamental physicality of medicine. While much progress has been accomplished in the developed world, telepathology (TP) in India stagnates in its primitive stages owing to multiple factors. There is a general lack of agreement on preferred technology and standards of acceptable skill among the pathology community. There is a need for governmental institutions & other professional organizations to take the initiative in implementing residential programs towards creating the next generation of pathologists capable of interpreting the newly emerging “virtual” world. Most pathologists are not averse to applying modern technology, but a comprehensive charter with well-defined legal boundaries is necessary to serve as a road map for the future. Both the cost & quality of care needs to be gauged against a backdrop of privacy, billing, licensing, and liability concerns.