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Erythema ab igne

Authors:Santokh Singh, Sumeet Singh, Parampreet Singh,
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2301-2302  |  PDF File


A 45 year old female, housewife, villager presented in OPD with the chief complaint of non itchy erythematous patches on both the forearms since last 5 days. There was no history of any exposure to heat on her forearms in the form of heating pads or cooking in the coal stove or wood, cowdung cakes. She was mensturating normally, voice was normal, there was history of weight gain, constipation, decreased appetite and somnolence. On examination reticulated erythematous lesions were present on both the forearms and on the medial aspect of the knees. These lesions were blanchable and nontender. The ankle jerks were found to be delayed. Thyroid profile was done and was suggestive of hypothyroidism. For skin lesions possibility of erythema ab igne was kept.