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Apoptosis: searching for the detection techniques

Authors:Sharma M, Kumar R, Dhingra R
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(3): 2172-2175  |  PDF File


Major tool of apoptosis detection, even today is the routine morphology based on already established histological techniques. Therefore, validation of new techniques becomes critical. Various aspects of apoptotic events have been extensively researched to elucidate the common biochemical pathways leading to this critical and unique phenomenon. Till now, apart from prototypical apoptotic morphology , techniques like DNA fragmentation estimation, specific sera against apoptotic components have been established. With each of these techniques, the essential requirements for apoptotic detection have been tried to establish like differentiating the apoptotic cells from non apoptotic cells, stages of apoptotic events and sensitivity of these techniques for apoptotic cells. In this review, we have not only tried to encompass various recent technique advancements in apoptosis detection, but also elaborate the pitfalls of all the techniques that shake the interpretation of results starting from the routine to the latest ones.