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Monoclonal gammopathy in patients with hiv infection and aids

Authors:A.G. Dhanvijay
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2418-2421  |  PDF File


Two hundred and twenty two HIV positive serum specimens from different stages of HIV infection and from different high risk groups were subjected to electrophoresis on conventional agar gel by zone electrophoresis and analyzed in Davis Polyacrylamide Gel Disc electrophoresis (PAGDE). 52(23.42%) had shown monoclonal immunoglobulin components in their serum samples. Monoclonal immunoglobulins were typed by immunoelectrophoresis (IEP) using monospecific antisera. 50 (22.52%) had IgG type and 2(0.99%) were of IgA type. Monoclonal Gammopathy (MG) occurs in a much higher frequency in full blown AIDS cases (42.85%) as compared to asymptomatic (27.64%),Lymphadenopathy syndrome (LAS) (16.6%) and AIDS Related Complex (ARC) (16.2%) patients. The percentage of monoclonal gammopathy ranged from 16.2% to 42.85% in different stages of HIV infection and from 12.5% to 33.33% in different other high risk groups. The findings indicate a monoclonal or oligoclonal B cell activation in patients with HIV infection and AIDS.