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Awareness and perception to vasectomy among women attending antenatal clinic at teaching hospital nagpur india

Authors:. Ajeet Saoji, Shilpa Hajare, Aniruddha Deoke
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2401-2404  |  PDF File


Vasectomy is safer, simpler, less expensive and equally as effective as female sterilization. Yet, in India the proportion of tubectomy operations to total sterilizations was 95.6 percent in 2010-11.Women’s awareness and perceptions surrounding vasectomy may have a significant role in the willingness to consent to such a procedure and can play a critical role in influencing whether their husbands adopt vasectomy. Methods: A population based cross-sectional study was undertaken at tertiary care hospital among women’s attending antenatal clinic. A structured questionnaire was designed, and administered by interview to all consenting participants. Data analysis was done by using Epi info version 3.5.1 software. Results: The awareness of vasectomy was found to be 94.5%, but their knowledge level was low (67.5%). Almost (81.0%) women approved vasectomy as a method of sterilization in men. But surprisingly when asked regarding approval for spouse to use vasectomy as a method of permanent sterilization, (66.5%) women disapproved citing reasons of; not a popular method (33.0%), religious prohibition (16.5%), cultural prohibition (19.5%), fear of sexual dysfunction (8.5%), and other reasons. Almost all women opined that the decision regarding contraception should be taken jointly by husband and wife and there is a need of education regarding vasectomy. Conclusion: Publicity through the media removing misconceptions and individual counseling by health workers and satisfied clients may popularize vasectomy and promote acceptance.