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Macroscopic and microscopic study of the testis after vasectomy and ligation of vasefferentia of testis in adult male albino rats.

Authors:Pradeep Kumar murudkar ,Ratnapriyanka janamala, Tejovathi Bandike, Archana.M.Hatti Ashwini.H.Pundalik , Jyothinath kothapalli
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2381-2389  |  PDF File


The present study is done to reassess the effects of ligation of excurrent duct system of testis at different levels in adult male albino rats and to study the long term effects of vasectomy which has been studied only by few people, and to answer some of the usual questions posed by someone before undergoing vasectomy. In the present experimental series effects were studied from 30 days onwards, as the main aim was to see the long term effects in adult male albino rats. The animals selected were albino rats because of their continuous spermatogenesis and ease of availability and can withstand the chloroform anaesthesia and operative procedure. The observations revealed that the vasectomy does not cause any change in the testis and there should not be any change in the sexual potency, since there are no atropic changes either in the seminiferous tubules or in the interstitial tissue. Since the spermatogenesis is not affected if the anatomical re-anatomises of the vas is done, when needed, fertility can be restored and the operation is reversible and also concluded that ligation of vasa efferentia caused more damage in the testis. With this observation the study suggests that the ligation of excurrent duct system of testis at a lower level i.e. vasectomy does not cause any adverse changes in the testis but ligation at a higher level i.e. vas efferentia results in back pressure and causes progressive degenerative changes in the testis.