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A study of snake bite cases in rural area of south eastern rajasthan

Authors:Suresh Pandey, Sushma Pndey
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2348-2351  |  PDF File


Snake bite is a major occupational hazard for farm workers and a neglected health problem in India. It is essential to identify the aggressor species either by visual inspection or by symptoms of victim. So, a study was conducted to observe the poisonous effects of deadly venomous snakes are cobra, krait and russell’s viper and discusses the nature, constitution, clinical picture and the treatment of snake bite cases. The study was conducted on 138 cases of snake bite at jhalawar Hospital , Jhalawar (Rajasthan) over a period of one year. The results showed that those patients who reached with in 8 to 10 hours after snake bite had developed complications and 13 expired out of 138 patients. i.e. 9.4%.The study also showed that most of the bites are in feet because of bare footed farming and field work The present study concluded that snake bite is a pressing issue because of inadequate reporting, non-availability of anti-venom in rural area and lack of other medical facility leading to delay in treatment, causing complications and deaths. If managed in proper time, life from a snake bite can be saved. The cost of anti snake venom should be reduced and its availability should be assured by the government.