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A preliminary report on the mycobacteriosis-like infection among the fish handlers of west bengal, india

Authors:Tapti Sengupta, Parijat Das, Tirthankar Saha, T. Jawahar Abraham
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2648-2650  |  PDF File


Mycobacterium marinum, an environmental pathogen, has a worldwide distribution and causes Mycobacteriosis in human and fishes. The present study evaluated the possible involvement and public health challenge of Mycobacterium infections among the fish handlers of West Bengal. A total number of 155 fish handlers were examined, of which 72 male and 29 female fish handlers were found to have mycobacteriosis-like infections on their hand. The infection was more prevalent among the fish handlers of Jalpaiguri district followed by Murshidabad district, where the basic sense of hygiene was lacking. The isolates from human samples grew well on Lowenstein-Jensen medium and were acid-fast positive. This documentation on mycobacteriosis-like infection is the first of its kind in West Bengal.