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Estimation of human stature from length of ulna in marathwada region of maharashtra

Authors:Anjali Prasad, V B Bhagwat, Satish Porwal, D S Joshi
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2337-2341  |  PDF File


Introduction: - Growth - the vital process is measured by measuring the height of a person, which itself is a sum of length of certain bones and appendages of the body represent certain relationship with form of proportion to the total stature. Assessment of height from different parts of body by anthropometric study of skeleton is an area of interest to anatomist, anthropologist and forensic expert. Method and Materials: - The present study was carried out on 250 (125 males and 125 females) medical students Government Medical College of Maharashtra in the age group of 18 – 28 years. The parameters studied were height, length of right and left ulna. The observation were analysed by Pearson’s correlation to examine the relationship between length of ulna and height according to gender for right and left ulna separately. Results: - The mean ages of the study subjects (male 21.192 ± 3.25 and female 21.02 ± 3.22) were not significantly different between genders. Mean ulna lengths of the male were significantly larger than that of the females of all ages. Positive Correlation was found between total height and length of ulna 0.65 in males and 0.68in females and 0.73 in both sexes together. Conclusion:- Definite proportion exist between the height and ulnar length in all individuals.