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Study of socio demographic profile of cancer cervix patients in tertiary care hospital, karimnagar, andhra pradesh

Authors:Rajarao. P , Hemanth Kumar. B
Int J Biol Med Res. 2012; 3(4): 2306-2310  |  PDF File


Introduction: Carcinoma cervix worldwide accounts for 15% of all (9) cancers it is second most common cancer in woman globally and 80% of them occur in developing countries. In India it is estimated that approximately 1, 00,000, woman develops cervical cancer each year(3). In woman cervix cancer were the leading fatal (3) causes in both rural and urban area, higher rate in rural area. The aim of the present study is to identify the socio demographic profile of patients with carcinoma cervix in rural Karimnagar at Sushruta cancer hospital Bommakal. Methodology: Record based retrospective study was conducted in Sushruta cancer hospital, and socio demographic profile of all cancer cervix patients who got admitted and treated in Sushruta hospital during 2007 November to 2012 April was collected with a pretested semi-structured questionnaire. Results: It was found that majority of patients were in the age group of 65, occupation wise unskilled workers have more percentage of cancer cervix followed by housewife, agriculture and less frequent in skilled workers. And majority of study subjects were married (91.2%), 57% of study subjects were lower class people have more frequency of cancer cervix(62%). About 67.9% of study subjects were from rural and it was found that illiterate people are having more frequency of cancer cervix (80.3%). Only about 8.7% of patients were received surgical treatment and about 16.2% of cases were diagnosed at their late stage. Conclusion: Further epidemiological studies are needed to prove the effect of demographic factors on occurrence of cancer cervix among rural population.