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Radiological study of variations in the pelvicalyceal system of kidney

Authors:Pankaj R. Wadekar , S. D. Gangane
Int J Biol Med Res. 2014; 5(3): 4336-4339  |  PDF File


ABSTRACT Aims & Objective: The present study has been undertaken to study the variations in renal pelvicalyceal system, to compare them with previous studies and to find their clinical implications. Material & Methods: A total of 200 kidneys (from 100 IVU films) were included in this study. The following parameters were measured 1) Lower Infundibular length, 2) Infundibular Width – Lower Infundibular Width (LIW), Middle Infundibular Width (MIW), Upper Infundibular Width (UIW), 3) Number of minor calyces and 4) Number of major calyces. Result & Conclusion: The obtained data showed that there were numerous variations not only in the numbers of calyces of kidneys but also in the infundibular length and width. The in-depth knowledge of pelvicalyceal anatomy of kidney will be of immense value to the clinicians of related specialties.