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Differential proteomic analysis of psychrotolerant pseudomonas putida 710a and alkalophilic pseudomonas monteilli 97an for cadmium stress

Authors:Sourabh Jain, Anju Rani, Soma S. Marla, Reeta Goel
Int J Biol Med Res. 2010; 1(4): 234-241  |  PDF File


Identification of functional residues in proteins and their functional annotation has been addressed by several workers. However, detailed proteome characterization of various proteins involved in Cadmium resistance is not yet explored. The purpose of this study was to identify proteins expressed under cadmium stress by comparing the proteome of Psychrotolerant Pseudomonas putida 710A and Alkaliphilic Pseudomonas monteilli 97AN strains available in departmental culture collection, respectively. A total of 18 proteins in Psychrotolerant P.putida 710A strain and 16 proteins in Alkaliphilic P.montelli 97AN strain were identified using in-silico approach. Among the proteins differentially expressed during cadmium stress in these strains, enzymes involved in energy mediating metabolic pathways like Amino Acid synthesis, Purine and Pyrimidine metabolism, Histidine metabolism, Electron transport and Cofactor synthesis are found. In addition, metal binding and ATP binding ezymes were also expressed. Since, the importance of Purine biosynthetic genes and Histidine metabolic enzymes are already documented in yeast , therefore, the expression of these enzymes in presence of cadmium in these strains have substantiated their involvement during cadmium tolerance. Further, the enzymes expressed mainly are from energy mediating pathways which which revealed their significance to overcome energy requirement of cells under cadmium induced environment.