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Comparative evaluation of effects of different doses of intrathecal clonidine with bupivacaine on post operative pain relief

Authors:Avtar Singh Yadava, Sudhakar Dwivedib, Kalpana Yadav
Int J Biol Med Res. 2013; 4(1): 2703-2706  |  PDF File


Present study was carried out to compare and evaluate the effect of different dosage of intrathecal Clonidine in combination of Bupivacaine on postoperative pain relief and possible side effects. We randomly selected ninety patient of ASA grade I and II of aged 30 to 45 Years posted for abdominal hysterectomy and devided into three groups each . Group I received .5% Bupivacaine heavy 15 mg, Group II received .5% Bupivacaine heavy 15 mg and Clonidine15 mcg and Group III received .5% Bupivacaine heavy 15 mg and Clonidine 30 mcg itrathecally. Sensory block was assessed by pinprick method, motor block was assessed by Bromage scale, analgesia was assessed by Visual analogue scale and sedation by Cherniks score. Hemodynamic and Respiratory parameters were recorded and side effects if any were noted. Onset time of sensory block was 110.5+11.3,109.9+14.7and 107.5+14.4 seconds in Group I, Group II and Group III respectively which was shorter in group II Group III as compared to Group I ,the difference was of no clinical and statistical significance. Onset time of motor block was almost similar in all the three groups. Duration of sensory block (time from subarachnoid block to first complain of pain by patient) was204.8+34.8,315.37+50.3and 387.07+83.19 minutes in Group I, Group II, and Group III respectively and was significantly higher in group II and III as compared to Group I .Duration of motor block (time from subarachnoid block to movement of lower limb)was similar in all groups. No significant difference was found regarding sedation in all the groups. Hemodynamic parameters were similar in all the Groups at different time intervals. Thus intrathecal addition of Clonidine in small doses with Bupivacaine increases the duration of post operative pain relief without significant side effects.